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Grave Encounters

This sterling silver ring in a size 6 or 7, I think a 7 is phenomenal! This is also a poison ring with well working clasp and a good seal. The testing of this one was fun! Jen a lady I know gave me a good idea for it. I have been making tapes of communication with the spirits, I will add more to YouTube hopefully tonight. Jen listened to it and said the same thing Lindy did, that the gravestone in my yard is because they were not allowed in the cemetery. The cemetery is across from the office and a little street separates them. So definitely this is the grave of someone not allowed on hallowed ground. Sure enough it is a buried male dual magician. I was able to finally know after putting the dirt in the ring. Yes it has been cleaned. This works where you can go to any graveyard and get some dirt and place it inside. You take the dirt from anywhere but if you want to speak or learn from someone specific, take the dirt from their gravesite. The knowledge they have and even experiences that you can view and feel will work after being in the ring and you lighting a candle placing the ring beside it. Yes, another run on!During that time, while the candle is lit you may ask for what you want to know and what gifts of the occult or supernatural you want. When you are done speaking you blow out the candle. You may use the ring over and over again at multiple cemeteries. You can also take the dirt and place it in a little baggie to use later but make sure you mark which is which and you must call them by their name. I used the ring with the dirt inside to have a full conversation with one of the spirits. I learned how to make a poison! Don’t ask! It just came up. This is a great piece! If you are looking for a certain grave first from these following areas, New Orleans, Russia, Rome. New Jersey, Texas, Pa, just ask because I have a ton of them! I have them from famous cemeteries as well including the one in Mantua, NJ where we had the absolute best communication!!! We spent the night there. That was one crazy night! I got stuck somewhere and my pants came off, dead serious. The cops were cruising and my bunz of love were facing the heavens! Trust me you really want to stay out of Mantua and Pitman NJ. Pitman will arrest me just for looking at them because my father slept with all their wives! Mantua is more corrupt than the Biden Admin and that’s saying a lot!!! Oh, how do I know what the person was on my property? The gravestone is there,they told me but I also know who lived here, Happy is his name. His entire family was into the occult. We found all sorts of things here, including bones!


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