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This piece holds the powers of the Sacred Kaaba. The Kaaba is the most sacred site in Islamic religion. The caba is inside a mosque in Mecca and houses a black stone that has extreme supernatural powers.

The black stone of the Kaaba was said to be given to Adam during his Fall From Paradise. The stone was a sin eater and was originally white but turned black due to the sins of the thousands of pilgrims that have come to see it. This includes the ancient descendants of both Abraham and Muhammad and others.

Not only does the black stone of the Kaaba have the ability to cleanse people of their iniquities and impurities, but it allows them to have blessings bestowed upon them in the form of white light wishes.

This piece symbolizes the Black stone of

the Kaaba. The energies of this piece will eat impurities, imperfections, or iniquity from your body. It will then give you a white light connection to God. This will allow you to experience the blessings that we've described above, including the granting of White light wishes.

Granting of the Kaaba

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