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Graeco-Egyptian Magician

This is a rare type of practiced magic found written on Papyrus paper. This is ancient and when put to use works very well. This type was used for health, skrying and for getting a perfect love match. The love part wasn’t just to find a match but to secure one that was in a higher station, wealthy. This magic was also used to send dreams telepathically. The dreams you send are created by you and hold purpose for you in your life. A good example of this in that time would be a higher position. Today you can use it for anything. The dreams themselves are magical because they can give you the outcome you need from whomever you are sending them to.

As I type this I swear I’m watching the breakdown of society! Well that and the public service announcement of a possible nuclear war hitting NYC. Seriously, time to break out the radiation suites and masks. Good thing I have them. The crap this PSA is putting out is ridiculous! They even say in it, you’ve got this! Yeah, sure you do. We will all be dead while the screw ups in the government will be in a bunker living life! Anyway…

The last thing you can use this for is communication with any Gods. This includes goddesses as well. Using this magic if you decide to use it for that type of communication you will be able to have them do exactly as you want. I feel this is one of the more powerful and important part of this piece. That alone is seriously powerful. I’m guessing it works because of the type of magic or how old or maybe just magic that old isn’t watered down? Honestly, who cares, it works!

This will turn you into an operating magician. This is and will work for male or female.

This is a sterling pendant with built in skrying stone.

Graeco-Egyptian Magician

SKU: 792227
  • Just wear touching the skin.

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