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Ancient. Powerful. Wise. Magical. Enchanting.

Eons ago, when Zeus changed into a strong, beautiful white bull to seduce Taurus, he came in all his glory to win the heart of the goddess that he wanted. No one recognized him in that form until he took the beloved princess and brought her to Crete. Theirs was a love story filled with exciting adventures, endless nights of passion, and waves of unending pleasure. Laughter constantly rang out from their dwelling as Zeus weaved lightning to perform simple tasks for her. Although it all brought immense pleasure to her, there was one thing in particular that made her heart beat faster; this bracelet in sterling, bone and Larimar . This Silver Sterling bracelet is a magical piece of jewelry forged in the sacred fires of the Pantheon by none other than Zeus. The great god took a hammer and worked the intricate designs of the Silver Sterling bracelet ; legend said he spent a whole century creating the magnificent piece as he poured a piece of himself into it and made everything resplendent in his splendor. Time of course dulls the excitement of power, but time itself bears great testimony to the boons that Taurus received when her god-king, Zeus, delivered the Silver Sterling Bracelet as a gift for birthing his son, the great King Minos. The Silver Sterling unique bracelet brings the romantic, magical, and explosive passion between two Greek gods to their modern followers. The Silver Sterling bracelet comes with its own legend; The Mithras Chain. The Mithras Chain is believed to have been bequeathed to Queen Taurus by her father shortly before Zeus (as the white bull) took her away. The Mithras Chain comes from a long line of beautiful women and is entrusted to the males of every generation to bequeath to their most deserving female. But physical beauty is only a fraction of that qualification. The Mithras Chain is for women who distinguish themselves in wisdom, power, and grace. This piece bestow magical graces for joy, peace, wisdom, good health, and wealth.

Graces are superior supernatural embedded gifts. It’s not just, oh you will get some of this. This type of magic is life altering for the good.

Sorry for the constant repeating of “ this sterling silver bracelet “ sometimes we have to do that for google.

Graces Are Superior

SKU: 79228
  • Wear or hold. This may also be transferred to another piece if you want. To activate light any type of incense and allow it to burn out. Sit quietly and relax and until done. It is now ready to go.

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