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The pieces that we are listing today may show signs of wear and tear. They could possibly have worn metal or missings tones. This is due to being tested repeatedly. We are big on quality assurance.

This piece holds an insanely powerful djinn. As far as we know it is nameless, buy he could maybe provide you with a name after bonding with the item.

This is a djinn that was born out of the brimstone that was rained down upon Gomorrah. It has been born of the holy fire of God, but has been tarnished by the iniquity that lived in Gomorrah.

The result is a dual djinn that is capable of the most powerful black magic and the most divine white magic. It is a djinn filled with the ancient knowledge.kf both good and evil and isn't afraid to use it to his advantage-- and I'm this case yours.

Your djinn thinks all magic should be free knowledge, so you can ask him for just about anything you want.


Gomorrah Fire Dual Djinn

SKU: 2102382
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