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This piece is a golem stone. If you read ancient Hebrew texts you will discover that they had, and still have, the ability to create what are known as golems. Golems are inanimate forms that have life breathed into them much in the fashion the God breathed life into Adam. Usually they are made out of mud and brought to life that way. However, this piece is not for creating physical golems. Rather, it will allow you to create a spirit-form golem that can take the metaphysical form of anything you want it to.

Furthermore, you can use the creationary magic in this piece to create a golem for any purpose you'd like. If you want to create a spirit golem to wreak havoc on others to satisfy revenge, you can do that. If you want to create a spirit golem as a guardian of you and your other entities, you can do that, too. If you want to create a golem to seek out magic, or wealth, or anything else you can do that. Just keep in mind this piece allows you to create only one golem. Choose wisely.

Golem Stone

SKU: 2102327
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