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Gather & Slay

I have never offered a piece like this before and I don’t know when or if I can get another one. I got this from Alter-School. That’s a class you can sign up for through a guy at the underground auction. You have to be approved and have a background in the occult. He also has to like you and he likes me. I have known him longer than I have been going to the auction. His name is Victor and he’s the only person I know who’s married to a spirit. He met her in New York about 20 years ago. She appeared when we were camping at a supernatural location. At first we were not sure if she was okay? She was and they are married in the spirit world. She is able to appear to him and us in the physical. At that time it caused a lot of issues between some of us in the group, Ricky mainly. He didn’t trust her. Ricky was wrong, thankfully.

Victor being married to her is able to move between the curtain as he calls it. He can actually do it but it’s because he’s married to a spirit. This is why I tell people to try a human spirit. They pass something onto you that you can’t get anywhere else. I know with each and every time I work with a human spirit my psychic ability gets stronger and stronger. Also there are so many of them they are not expensive.

About this piece. This is a sterling pendant which is the only one of its kind. The center pitch black stone is like a mirror. This piece collects demons from the atmosphere, from possessed people and from anywhere. This pendant then eats the evil or stores it for you to send it out. While this type of piece is not my thing it is what it is. To unleash this kind of power would be destructive to who ever you direct it at. You can also use it to destroy evil using evil. That’s a mind blowing experience itself. There is a magical word attached to this so you may send demons into a pit. You will be given that word and you can use it daily if you choose. There is also a word to activate this as something else. You can use this as a most powerful sin eater. If activated that way that’s exactly what it will do unless you activate it another way. You can switch back and forth.

Gather & Slay

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