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This is from the Bradford Exchange and runs 89.99 plus 10.99 shipping. The price here is 70 and much better as this one is special! This one you will customize for who you want in it. This can hold a well known celebrity or family member. The choice is yours! I only need the name and birthdate of the passed on person. You can give me just the month and year if you want to. If there is no known birthdate I will then need the names of the parents. If adopted I only need the names or name of one of the adoptive parents. This is only needed if you don’t have a month or year. This spirit can stay with you forever until the end of time hits. Included you will see pictures that were caught when I did the medium work. This is one spirit that came through for someone. This spirit wasn’t happy. The one you see coming through was dragging the one spirit back! Insane! This piece will have the personality of who you put in it. The other pictures of spirits have nothing to do with this piece.

This is in sterling silver.

Gaining a Spirit.

SKU: 21724031
  • Sterling

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