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In 2019, the leaders of G7 secretly gathered in Germany, in a suburb just 40 miles outside Berlin. The summit was exposed by a hotel employee who stumbled upon some video footage. One would imagine that this meeting would have something to do with economy and politics; but not in this case.


The leaders of the seven strongest economies in the world had something else in mind, which they called “The equality experiment”. The leaders met to discuss with each other the progress of this very program.


From the information we have available to this day, the “equality experiment” refers to a collaborative project that intends to test human behavior in perceived conditions of equality. The G7 were looking, or are looking, for 200 people from various backgrounds and ethnicities, to put them in a beautiful place where everything has been taken care for them.


Food and shelter will be available and free and the people will not have to pay any bills or even work. They just have to participate in various activities, which will be outlined by the organizers. Yes, there will be some organizers, there must be. But the rest of the selected people for the program will be equal to each other.


To preserve the perceived equality, people will wear clothes with no brands and drive similar cars that are of the same color. Not much information is leaked yet about the scope of this experiment but I would assume it has something to do with human nature in its core.


How will the people behave? Will they become better or worse? Their only job will be to have fun and participate in activities that will supposedly grow their spirit but will people be able to motivate themselves to do so if they have nothing to lose?


This experiment is quite interesting and I would love to know what the results would be but the question remains: Why the G7 kept this a secret? Scientists and psychologists often set up such experiments for the “good of humanity”, to understand our human nature. No doubt, a large scaled and fund draining experiment like this has more secrets looming over it.

Through our investigation we found out there are many secrets! Yes the people will be of different races but they will all be poor and with no college education. All people picked would have to come from bad parents. This experiment was to see if they could be controlled better than those from a better home and education. The reason for the experiment? Who lives and who dies. Which peasants get to go live in the underground bunker? Underground bunker? Yes and now ask yourself why even hold such a thing? Are you scared yet? Why do different races? You see that was to determine a few factors. Who would follow orders better? Who was prone to become more violent? Who was least likely to rise up? Who would work the hardest? There were three of many different races. You had your Asians, Native Americans, Blacks, Whites and Hispanics. Those in charge spoke about how to put them down. The losers of course. It’s not like something like this can get out in the public! Two races survived and were taken to the underground and are there now. The rest were put down. Put down is their term, not mine.

What you need to know is what happened to those not picked and got put down.

A humane way would be a bullet to the head but nah, that’s to easy. These people that didn’t make the cut were placed into huge vats and slowly heated over a fire. The water inside was salt water. Their skin would get sliced off by a sharp knife so they would feel extreme pain. Even while being tortured they were given instructions on what to do. They were told if they wanted to live they had to follow instructions. The instructions were to focus their pain, emotions and anger. Before being places into these huge vats they had wires pushed into their heads. They were told those wires can tell if they are focusing or not. There were wires attached to metal balls about the size of a large egg placed in the asses of the men. The women had them in the vagina. These too were submerged into the salt water with them. Every type of pain and emotion was caused, that was the goal. They were then told to focus on these metal tubes. They told them look at the tubes and project all your pain and everything you feel into the tubes. Many passed out in pain of course but were woken up again. Over and over they were told to focus while turning up the heat. While this was going on a table was set in front of them with 5 or 6 people. They were served fresh slices of flesh straight from those in the vats. Those people watched them eat their own flesh. To scare those in the vats more they appeared to drip blood from fangs instead of teeth. There were not really fangs and they were fake but imagine you being in a vat. Your already screaming in pain and you’re watching someone eat your flesh. You have no doubt the fangs and blood are real. While the flesh was being eaten there were no fangs. This just wasn’t physical torture but psychological as well and it did work.

The metal tubes had a thermostat on them. Something like that. When the victim was focused on the metal tubes it was picking up the energy and the thermostat would rise. This was collecting the energy for future use. What is that use?

The use is a raging war like supernatural power to be used as needed. This experiment got these people the slaves they needed and the power.

Let’s look into the torture now and why they did it.

When the mind is at a breaking point it is raw. It is ready for input like a computer and that can be extracted and made use of. That mind when in torture is capable of moving cars and blowing up buildings with the mind alone. You are then tapping into all abilities because you have stripped everything else away. What remains is nothing but the raw spirit. That spirit can then be controlled for supernatural use at its ultimate extreme. Nothing like these pieces exist except what I have and what they have.

G7 Hidden Experiment

SKU: 3232245
  • This is made of what looks to be brass. The hanging globes are full rounded glass and those hold all the power. You may use them all at once or take them apart. Each one holds power.

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