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Ancient magic of the original Masonic lodges created by the First Exalted Order. From a long line of mystics, the First Exalted continues to guard ancient magic today. The magic was initially created in the deepest and brightest sanctums of the world. Old lores narrate how the First Exalted received the gift from Uriel, and a choice galactic prince imbued with the power to grant wishes. Uriel appeared to the First Exalted a million millennia ago and spent decades teaching him the masonic, rare and hidden magic precepts. Uriel left the First Exalted with instructions to raise new disciples and teach them the hidden masonic magic. The magic grants shapeshifting abilities that allow the ardent and devoted followers to move through dimensions, portals, and realms in any form they want. Hidden masonic magic adherents can take on different forms of humans, animals, and terrestrial beings.

The ancient masonic magic also grants the power of unlimited wealth, foresight, and great business acumen. Legend describes the foretelling that brought the First Exalted to enjoy the magical piece. The legend shows Uriel and The First Exalted locked in an eternal embrace signifying Oneness. A stream of golden liquid drips from their foreheads in perfect unison with their breathing, showing that their lifeforce is given to their followers. Today, followers of the ancient masonic magic are united in heart and mind to Uriel and the First Exalted, partaking in their lifeforce. Modern adherents have that same power available in this jewelry piece. The piece, created from the fires of the sanctums, is infused with Uriel’s lifeforce and the light of lights. Followers of the masonic magic have the power of shapeshifters and can sense and teleport through galactic realms. The power to make wealth is also available. Followers can draw from the eternal spirit of wisdom to carry out business transactions with the most skill and insight. A side benefit of the magic is that users live long in good health to enjoy their wealth and pass the esoteric knowledge to those coming after them. The masonic rare and hidden magic remains potent and active in the lives of the faithful adherents.

I know proper terms need to be used but I like to use Dripping Heads. Who knew? These heads exist today but must be called into physical form and that takes a lot! Each sect or group had a piece of the puzzle. That puzzle had to be put together to bring you this piece. There was a great ritual preformed by various elite to create a few pieces to hold the power spoken of above. That power along with many more supernatural abilities. This is a dual piece which means you use it as you wish, good or bad.

Who was in that group? You had your Masons, Templars, Astral Shape-Shifters, two members of the Bohemian Grove, linage from the Soros, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, a Satanic priest, Catholic Priest, one Illuminati dark star, Vampire from Egypt, and a lot more. These people came together with a willing virgin to make a sacrifice and hold both a physical and astral ritual. All the power these people hold along with that blood ritual was what made this piece come to life. There is never a need to charge it. It can give things nothing else can. It preforms to most unattainable heights. If you can think it, this can do it.

This piece is antique and sterling silver.


From a Million Minds

SKU: 3232247
  • Open the knife and give the tip some blood. Blood from the grocery store is fine. Light an incense for smoke and let it burn. After that it’s all yours.

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