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Freemason Magic Is Deep Magic!

If you don’t know when the Freemasons started, they date back to King Solomons Temple! Yes, it really goes that far back! Some people are confused by when this SS began because most know it to be 1730 in Virgina or going from France to Virgina. This is true but it did start during the building of King Solomons Temple. The all seeing eye was created by a Masonic member, by Charles Thomson. This all seeing eye goes back to the pyramids and King Solomon’s Temple. I will tell you why. I might as well tell you now since my writing is all over the place. In entering King Solomon’s Temple you are greeted with a great spirit. Do I know who this is? No. What I do know is that those who are chosen to receive the spirits brief visitation are given those hidden secrets of many things. Examples that are true are,cloning, resurrection, the company and communication of Watchers and Nephilim. They are also given FULL control over Djinn and the voice of the hidden entity inside the great pyramid. When we talk about the Masons knowing a lot of hidden supernatural ability, yes it’s true BUT, it’s only the very high ups! Those just joining a lodge or going to local meetings will most likely never get anywhere except beyond the door for coffee. Those people pay dues and support the ones who lay hidden in the darkness, yet in plain sight. While there are many SS including the Alumbrados also known in France as the Illumin’es, the Masons go father back. The Alumbrados were in the 1400’s and beyond but they are still not older than the Masons. This alone tells you something and that is endurance! While that may not matter to you, you must consider why? What did they learn or gain that other SS’s didn’t? Well I’m going to tell you. Going back to those elite members you have murder, while not good, they did get away with it. If you had the power to gain the secrets of resurrection in full physical form or to create half human half creatures, see everything going on to where you control the world, where would that come from? It came from the spirits in both Solomons Temple and the Great Pyramid. These two places have and had access to the Nephillim, Watchers , the entity that IS the all seeing eye as well as the Bloodline of extreme wealth, yes there is such a thing. Why wealth? That’s how the entire world works. Do you know who has that ability? G. Soros, Mansa Musa and a lot more. These are the richest people in the world. Many I haven’t mentioned but my personal favorite is Francoise Bettencourt Meyers. She inherited the money and the very ancient and powerful supernatural abilities from her Mother Liliane. These secrets have been passed down in her family forever! I like her, she doesn’t like to be in public with other elites or go to their social uppity get togethers. She is a true philanthropist and helped rebuild Notre Dame. She has helped children, wrote many books on the Bible and other subjects. The picture included is her at 70! She stays out of the spotlight and is down to Earth! I like her very much! She took those ancient secrets that she could have used for evil and turned them white light! You see all of these people are given one choice, only one. There is no middle ground, zero! They feel entitled to the power of this supernatural abilities but the choice is darkness and light, they chose one. Others in the club don’t care what each other takes, all is respected. It’s hard to explain but they don’t battle each other until recently. Good people like her are not for G. Soros or Scummerberg who tried to buy his way in doing all the wrong things. Socially he’s as inadequate as a guy with an expensive car to make up for his limpness! I know a person who gave me this watch. I tested it. They are good people/person. I have sat down with them as an ordinary person who I was lucky enough to meet at an auction. They have tastes similar to mine. While they hold this ancient supernatural abilities they only use them for good. At this certain auction if they get something they think I would like they call me, very late at night I might add. We talk about all sorts of things and then they send me what they think I will like if it holds supernatural magic because they know I like it. My promise is I don’t sell evil unless it can be neutralized. This person is the only one years ago I let go through those boxes I got from the Traveller in NYC. The one with the nasty son. This piece is a choice and I just put, do not use this for evil, please make the right choice. You will be able to do with this all the ancient things you never heard of. This will be a little like the Alexander the Great piece going on. That is different but yet unusual as well. To gain the power in the you must wear it and set the watch a few different times. The hour hand must be set a certain way. Instructions will be given by email. This piece is in the office now so it would be shipped right out. A blog post about shipping will soon come out.

Freemason Magic Is Deep Magic! LP

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