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There were two of these made in 14k gold. They say All My Love. These were made using a blood, energy and sex ritual. These are easy for anyone, even a first timer to use. You only need to wear it. Allow it to sit near a pulse point. This allows you to add it to a necklace or bracelet. You need to do nothing else because it reads you. It knows who, what and how you want something. Right now if I asked you, you already know. So does this. This will magnify your intentions to the point of becoming supernatural. Your power of intentions becomes intense and laser focused to get what you want. You can be in a relationship, seeking one or just want to keep love alive. You can also search out your soulmate. There is a word of extreme caution with this piece. If you are happy with who you are with but want to use this to improve some things. You could end up meeting your soulmate. What do you do then? I would think it wouldn’t matter because you would be extremely happy, but those are my thoughts on it. You never need to take it off unless you want to as it’s 14k gold. This was tested on Pennywise hit in the face by a 2x4 and it worked for her. Apparently it works for scrubbing gold diggers too. The bad part is, that poor guy!

Focusing the Love

SKU: 1016225
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