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This piece contains the spirit of a kelpie that was found at Loch Ness. This kelpie is specifically used to be able to tell the future. It doesn't matter what facet of the future you would like to be revealed to you, the Kelpie can see it and will reveal it to you. You can also use this piece to be able to see the future of others. You can use this as a benefit to others, as in telling them what the future holds. Or, you could use this as a personal advantage in knowing the future of others without telling them before details. How you use this pieces entirely up to you, but it is very powerful and will reveal, crystal clearly, what the future holds.

The name of this Kelpie is Equandesina and for short,Sina. Right now I have two ready to go.

The Blue one is Marianne Devine. You can call her MaDevine or Marianne, Mustress yes, Mustress, it’s not spelled wrong. Or just Miss. She is a wild one! Her personality is definitely eccentric!!! I would equate her personality to mine.

I would say Equandesina’s personality is like a seductress who doesn’t seduce? She’s very classy but mysterious and yet she’s also very happy but reserved.

Hey, get the one you want! No hard feelings if you don’t want the one with my personality! Sometimes I bother my own self!

No matter which you pick both are experts in their craft. Plus as usual to the type of creature they are, they do and will shapeshift.

Feast Your Eyes Upon the Future

SKU: 362313
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