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When you are talking about powers and magic there is no group in the modern world that can outdo the Bilderberg Group. They practically control the whole world through several outlets including the world banking system, government, the media, academia, and medical institutions. Once a year, or so they say, they hold a top-secret, the goings-on of which are never brought to the attention of the public eye. In their defense, this is for good reason, that is, if you are on the inside. For those of us who are on the outside, we will likely never become part of the Bilderberg Group, so then the question arises, "What exactly is going on when these people do meet?" I can tell you that under normal circumstances I would be able to tell you that nobody knows, but you know there is always a rat somewhere. As smart as these Bilderbergers, as they are called, tend to be, there is always somebody who is smarter than you, despite the obvious precautions that this group of elitists take to secure the premises. This means that there is always going to be a spy, someone working with you, but also against you. If these people are good at what they do, they will keep their mouths shut. This is how, for years now, we have been able to gain top-secret information and even magical items that have come as a result of the meetings that these Bilderbergers hold. 

The beginning of the Bilderberg Group came in the 1950's when people in Europe and America noticed that there seemed to be some dissension between the East and what we refer to as the Western Establishment. This excludes Japan, which together with the Bilderbergers and another branch for the the Trilateral Commission, but that's for another day. This power solely focuses on the existence of the Bilderberg Group. These meetings were established for those who are at the top, as a means of securing and enforcing their world agendas on the masses, without interruption from outside forces such as Russia, China, Iran, or any other country who wishes to impede up the Western dominance of the world. This seems like it might be a semi-normal type of proceeding for the most part, but what I have told you so far is only the tip of the iceberg. It gets much more involved as you will find out upon reading the rest the of this description. 

During their meetings that they have once a year, the primary focus is the development of magic that will allow the Bilderbergers to maintain their absolute power and control over the world. The members of the meeting are members of all countries of Europe, excluding Russia, and the United States of America. There are several non-European countries involved as well, including delegates for Australia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and several other smaller countries. You might bet thinking that you know where I'm going with this one-- the meet together and they all become enlightened with powers given to them by Illuminati Magic. It's so much more than that. This group does not want to exclude any form of magic they might encounter, which is why they have delegates from so many different countries. They realize that there are many different forms of magic that can bring them different powers. So, these meetings have become more of a melting pot of different types of magic, that have all been rolled up into one and that is what forms the powers and abilities of the Bilderbergers. There is Norse Magic, Egyptian and Illuminati Magic, Romani Magic, Druid Magic, Celtic Magic, Witchcraft, Dark Magic, White Magic, any type of magic that you can possibly remember us ever telling you-- most of them are present and represented by the sorcerers who practice them. Why else do you think that this group has become so wildly successful? 

The Bilderberg meetings begins in the most bizarre way. Well, if you have a knowledge of magic, perhaps you won't view this as so bizarre. The members of the meeting wear ritual masks, allowing themselves to be freed of their mortal identity. They then get dressed in ritual robes and for the first few hours of the meetings the perform ritualised orgies, in which they allow their animal instincts to designate to them what feels right. The become intoxicated with a rare type of alcohol, which is more like a potion, and they hook up with other members of the group, until the energies begin to get flowing. Homosexuality isn't uncommon in these rituals, neither is lesbianism, an of course there is always heterosexuality. It is all based on the ancient Templar belief that in the beginning we are neither male nor female and to go back to our primitive form before we began labelling ourselves, helps us to release all blockages and obstacles to really getting down into the nitty-gritty of what it means to perform magic. 

After this orgy session, which goes on for hours, then they change back into normal clothes, and meet up at a dinner. After the dinner is when they finally get down to business and discuss and bring to the table the different types of magic that they will be presenting. The hold ritual magic ceremonies to different gods and goddesses. There are so many representatives of so many different types of magic that this tends to take the course of at least 24 hours. These rituals go on and on and pieces are made and distributed to the members. Powers such as mind control, bilocation, psychic awakening, energy transference and even shape-shifting come into play as well as others such as the ancient magic of the goddess Isis, or the wealth bring powers of the God Thor. Again, no magic is excluded, so it inevitably turns into a free-for-all power seminar in which you can pick and choose which powers you think are necessary in your quest to rule the world. These meetings house about 120-160 people of influence and boast some of the most powerful powers that can ever be experiences. 

These have come from one of these meetings. Like I have told you, we have friends in high places. They are the spies that I told you about before. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the identity of our connection, due to the secret nature of that information. All I can really tell you is that the person, either he or she, brought us this item. They are cuff links that have been passed around the ranks of the Bilderberg group for some time. They are called the Eyes of Envy, because when you place them side by side they look like lizard eyes and this is appropriate considering they hold ancient Reptilian wealth powers that were once brought to Earth and given to the Sumerian overlords, who were then made into Gods. I'm talking about the Annunaki, who were the astral visitors who came to visit the Sumerians in ancient times. Much of this knowledge was shared with the Chaldeans, once both civilizations were absorbed into the Babylonian civilization. These secrets were then taught to Abraham, who is the father of the world's three major religions. He was a prophet of magic, sent forth by the Chaldeans to teach enlightenment. Eventually his offspring were taken into captivity in Egypt, and this is how the Sumerian wealth powers went forth become part of the Illuminati wealth powers, so you can see the domino effect that this wealth power has had on many different civilizations of the world. It has cause the construction and the collapse of many great Civilizations, because the wealth that this power brings is, very powerful. 



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These powers were eventually transferred into these cuff links, once they were brought to the Bilderberg Group, who used them to establish a secret civilization of their own, one that would dominate the world under the radar. The powers have effectively allowed the Bilderbergers to seize total control over the wealth of the entire world, and has given the power over just about everything. Again, this power all stemmed back to when the Annunaki visited the Sumerians and gave them their ancient

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