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You can receive 25 percent off for the next 7 days only using cash app. You can use this discount on anything on any website. To use it, email or text the link to what you want. I will take the 25 percent off and invoice you. Once it’s paid it will be removed. Then you will text or email me your mailing address AND name. At the end of 7 days everyone will be shipped. Your bag will stay open until the end of the 7 days.

Now this.

This is the Eye of Elijah. Elijah was one of the only living men at that time to go to heaven and come back. This ring will show you heaven and what it will be like for you. You will go and come back, changed most likely as I did. Some may ask, heaven for me? That’s right, it is different for everyone. In one way if you don’t like someone who is there you will not see them. When we die our personality stays the same. There is no change in it. I can say this going by all the dead I have spoken to. They are the same as they were on Earth. This ring doesn’t just allow you to see heaven but to know as Elijah did what is coming. Along with that special gifts and supernatural powers that you need the most are given to you. This ring works for you because and ONLY because you were lead here. This is predestined to be for whoever gets it. It doesn’t matter about money or timing or who saw it first. It will go to the one who it is meant for. The supernatural gifts given are unlike anything I can describe because they are made for who owns this. It could be something simple as psychic ability or the ability to control all minds of power. This is a very serious piece. This is sterling silver with gorgeous sapphire blue stones, lab created. The size is an 8.

Eye Of Elijah.

SKU: 1272402
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