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This is the first time in over 15 years I have had a fertility piece. The last one I had made it’s rounds all over the place and it was a drinking cup. Every single person who used it had it work for them. The thing is, that cup I never tested and was only told it worked by the woman I bought it off of. I sold it back then for 15.00. Prices and inflation have gone up now so when she offered it, it wasn’t cheap. She will always remain anonymous as it’s her wish. For those of you have have been with me forever will remember it. Everyone of EBay talked about it, people fought over it for all kinds of reasons. But it sold every time someone got pregnant or obtained a child. And his doesn’t come with the poem but it works all the same. The seahorse is known for fertility. Good luck and get hatching! Just wear in the evening preferably during sex.

Extremely Rare Piece

SKU: 362362
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