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All items listed here can be reproduced and duplicated. If it's out of stock and you want one, please contact us and we can get you one.

Holding the powers of the Endor bloodline, this is both powerful and unique. The bracelet is comprised of gold-tone links. When worn, this piece facilitates a connection between you and the Endor bloodline.

If you don't know who the witch of Endor is, look her up. She is so powerful that she was even mentioned in the Bible!

Either way the Endor bloodline is powerful and will allow you to use this piece in the following way. She. You wear this bracelet you will write the spell you wish to cast on a piece of paper. Burn the paper and send the spell out into the universe. It's really that simple. Why wait?

Endor Bloodline Casting

SKU: 1222337
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