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Ena Twigg (1908-1987) was a well-known British spiritual medium and healer. She gained recognition for her alleged psychic abilities, particularly her ability to communicate with spirits and channel messages from the deceased. Twigg was born in England and throughout her life, she claimed to have received messages and visions since childhood.

Twigg's psychic abilities garnered attention in the 1960s and 1970s when she conducted public demonstrations and private readings. She became known for her ability to transmit messages from deceased individuals to their loved ones. She gained a significant following and her sessions were often filled with people seeking solace, closure, or guidance from the other side.

One hallmark of Twigg's demonstrations was her claim of materialization, where she would reportedly allow the spirits of departed individuals to manifest physically through her body.

As with any individual involved in psychic or mediumship work, Twigg faced her share of skeptics, and claims of fraud or trickery were also made against her. Some skeptics believed that her materializations could be explained through conventional stage magic techniques. However that ended quickly.

Bishop James Pike went missing in the Judean desert. This was in September of 69. He managed to contact her and tell her exactly what happened to him. He told her what he looked like, where he was and that he was still alive but passing. Three days later he was found exactly as she described. Ena at the time was in Britain.

Ena could see the dead since she was a baby but it wasn’t the work she wanted to do. What she liked was healing people. The dead would surround those she was healing to give them messages. She also had a healing ability.

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Ena Twigg

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