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In the heart of a moonlit city, there existed a vampire named Elias, who had wandered the earth for centuries in search of true love. Despite his immortality, he yearned for a companion whose heart could beat in unison with his own. One fateful night, as he roamed the cobblestone streets, he crossed paths with a talented witch named Amara.

Amara was an enchanter of great skill, and her mystical prowess was renowned throughout the supernatural realm. Intrigued by her beauty and grace, Elias sought her out and implored her to craft a magical heart-shaped necklace that would guide him to his destined love. Moved by his earnest plea, Amara agreed, and set to work on the enchantment.

As she wove the intricate spells into the delicate silver pendant, she imbued it with the power to draw forth the one whose heart resonated with Elias's own. The necklace shimmered with otherworldly energy as Amara presented it to him, and he felt a surge of hope and anticipation as he fastened it around his neck.

Days turned into nights, and Elias wandered the city with the necklace close to his unbeating heart, its magic pulsing with a faint but persistent glow. Then, one evening, as he strolled through a bustling marketplace, he caught sight of a woman whose eyes held a familiar glint of otherworldly wisdom. She was none other than Amara, the enchantress who had crafted the necklace for him.

Their eyes met, and in that moment, they both felt the stirring of a connection that transcended time and space. Elias knew that he had found his destined love in the very one who had bestowed upon him the key to their union. Amara, too, felt the undeniable pull of fate, and as they embraced, the necklace emitted a radiant light that enveloped them in a warm, enchanting embrace.

From that day forth, Elias and Amara roamed the world together, their love enduring through the ages, bound by the magic of the heart-shaped necklace that had brought them together. In each other's arms, they found the eternal love they had both sought, and their story became a whispered legend among the creatures of the night.

You would call him Eli, which is what he prefers. Let’s see how do I say this, he was tested uh hum. Not by me but by one of our volunteers. I was told that he wore them out. The details were quite 50 Shades! But he liked to give you what you want! This is a true out of body astral experience. The picture I put up is as best as I can get him. I have seen him astrally. Please keep in mind he is not just looking for sex but companionship as well. He is very intelligent and is NOT into video games! I know this from one of the testers. He doesn’t see the point in it. Plus in the astral he can show you greater fun!


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