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Egyptian Vampires

These two pieces are the only ones I have. I do have another Egyptian piece I’m putting on called Egyptian Magician which is almost the same but has nothing to do with vampires. These two are very different.

In Egypt going back to ancient times it was thought that Osiris was a vampire as was the entire family. Now I don’t know if that’s true or not. I have been there and I haven’t called up those spirits to ask. I do have items that hold Osiris but I let other employees explore those when I’m ready to add them on. The research I did on these comes from two places. One is the Club of Serpents and the other was looking into the ancient writings of the Egyptians themselves. The magical books on papyrus is what has been decided and what I looked at.

The club of Serpents is where these came from. They belonged to two different vampires in the club. One was Shine and the other was Astor a female. Astor and Shine dated very long ago before he met the monster he is with now. She’s a truly hideous monster that is only after money. Shine is constantly giving her diamonds and gold and it’s never enough. With her personality I sure hope he doesn’t transform her into a vampire because she I feel would turn out evil.

These two pieces are not evil in anyway but they each hold the essence of a Egyptian vampire so that when you own them you can use that power. They hold the power of themselves, the energy of Shine and Astor but also the ancient Egyptian magic. Speaking of the ancient Egyptian magic when you look at it you can see where Egyptian vampires could have come from. They Egyptian magicians had the ability to change at will into any being or creature they wanted to. They also made magical stones and jewelry that held all the power. Those pieces like these couldn’t change their vessel but it is amazing power. They also had magical words to activate the pieces and wealth built in knowing they would be living with immortality. You have to have money to have immortality or how do you survive? It is my thoughts that those Egyptian vampires came from just turning into them and liking the characteristics of them and just keeping the body.

These pieces will allow you to hold that power, communicate with vampires you wish to. You can also draw them to you all while having extreme protection. Also something I wanted to note is voodoo I believe originated in Egypt. They made wax figure’s and could get people to do as they wanted. This also comes with that ability as well. The red on the pieces represents the life blood of the living. These are the only two I have.

Egyptian Vampires

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