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Egyptian Sphinx


Egyptian Sphinx

You’re looking a picture of a woman and probably wondering where does the sphinx come in. It’s her. She is an Egyptian Sphinx. Isabella was born in the early to mid 1800’s, an exact birthdate is unknown. She was born in a time of great adventure and a lot less restrictions. Sure woman had a lot less rights than they do today but adventure, adventure was for the taking! Think back, way back to even when you were a child. Do you remember having to wear a helmet to ride your bike? Could you walk down to the corner store and buy your parents a pack of smokes? Did you run free and play in dirt or make worm pies? What about building forts and swimming in lakes with out having to pay to do so? Did you even have water bottles or were they glass coke bottles? Well, long before that you really had what’s called freedom and not the kind of feedom that the cackler talks about. The real deal, real shit kicking freedom! In those times you could get on a boat, or some sort of train, plain or whatever and head on over to Egypt AND you could go inside the pyramids. Sears used to sell a real mummy right out of their catalog! I have a real mummy finger! I have a real human leg bone with a magnifying glass on the end of it. These things were normal then. Today we have safe spaces and people acting like they are cracked in the head! Your safe space should be your home where no one calls at dinner time or after 9 pm. Class, morals and respect were taught. While all that is gone now we still have some remnants of the past, both in the physical and in the spirit. That’s the story of Isabella.

Isabella went to Egypt and found a way into a little opening into the Sphinx. She met a person I know well there. That’s actually how I got this piece. Isabella also went into one of the pyramids and met with a spirit or living force who spoke to her, whispering the secrets of bit by bit immortality. What is that? It’s omnipresent immortality. It’s immortality when you want it. The spirit if you want to call it that in the pyramid was/ is omnipresent and immortal. A passenger had to accompany Isabella into the Sphinx and that was a beetle. Isabella comes and goes. She was known in her time as a seeker. I’m sure she herself thought she just loved adventure. She has lived a long time. According to her she has seen the Heavens, spoken to the angels, communed with the great minds of the ancients and the first world’s ancestors. That’s some deep stuff right there! I had to ask, first world? What does that even mean? Can we find a past life there if we were part of a first world? Did you know that we were part of a first world?! Well some of us were! I say some because there were not as many people on the Earth during the first world. The first world is where immortality comes from. I never knew that but now I know why! It really all makes perfect sense too.

This piece is not an expensive piece. It is a vessel though for all you will need. The picture of Isabella does come with it. What will you do with this? The possibilities are truly endless!

Egyptian Sphinx

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