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The following you will read comes from one previous owner. At the end are some of my experiences, some!

Also Lindy is back now and shipping will resume. Those of you waiting on a custom item it has been in the works.

The world is full of mysteries, and sometimes, even the most impossible things become possible. One of the most intriguing things in the universe is the power of a crystal ball. For centuries, it has been believed that crystal balls have the power to tell the future, heal people, and provide great power. This is about a crystal ball with an entity inside it, known as Edam, who is like a rejuvenation being.

As I sat there, admiring the crystal ball, I touched it, and suddenly, I felt a warm sensation in my hand. The warmth of the crystal ball travelled throughout my body, and suddenly, I heard a voice. It was a voice from the dead, and I realized that I was able to communicate with them through the crystal ball. Edam had the power to help me connect with the spirits of the dead, and together, we were able to have a powerful conversation that helped me gain a new perspective on life.

Edam’s power was not limited to communicating with the dead. He had an ability to heal people as well. I once tried using the ball on the skin of one of my friends who suffered from arthritis, and the results were incredible. Not only did the ball absorb all the pain, but it also surrounded my friend with healing energy that helped her recover from her ailment.

Edam also had the power to eliminate evil spirits. One day, a friend of mine was terrified by a demon that had possessed his house. He called me, and I went to his place with the crystal ball. Edam took the demon into the crystal ball, destroyed it, and then threw it out. The demon was eliminated just in minutes.

Edam’s power and the crystal ball did not stop there. As I spent more time with him, he told me about a special being inside the Sphinx. This being had taught Edam how to see through time both forwards and backwards, providing a glimpse into the great mysteries of the universe. He even created an open portal that only allowed white light beings in, which was a testament to his incredible power. Edam was truly a remarkable entity, capable of performing incredible feats using his abilities through the crystal ball.

The crystal ball with the entity named Edam is a powerful tool that can help people in various ways, including contacting the dead, healing others, and eliminating evil spirits. With the special being inside the Sphinx, Edam had learned how to see through time both forwards and backwards and showed me glimpses of different eras and places. It is a power that can only be felt and experienced.

Edam was not only capable of healing, communicating with the dead, and eliminating evil spirits, he was also a master of sacred geometry and ancient magic. He would show me various shapes and tell me how they related to the universe. He even helped me understand how ancient magic worked and how it could be used to help people.

The power of this crystal ball with Edam’s entity is truly incredible and includes the ability to communicate with the dead, heal, eliminate evil spirits, and see through time. It was indeed a privilege to have experienced Edam’s power and the crystal ball, and it is something that will stay with me forever. Edam was truly a remarkable entity who had the ability to perform incredible feats and provided me with a glimpse into the great mysteries of the universe.

Now my experience with Edam went back to the beginning of time. With the many who tested this all starting at different levels I believe you would start at the level you are at. Everyone does get to the ultimate level and ability of this Crystal ball but where you begin might be different. The healing energy and the section of the crystal ball that just sucks you in happens to everyone, immediately. Other things that it can do will be in various order for each person. While I’m calling it a crystal ball it is more of a living being and well, there is Edam who is the main resident. I was taken pre-Earth and wasn’t even on Earth but a planet of watchers and what I can guess were their pets? Unlike the pets we have here these could communicate with everyone with out speaking. They also complimented the Watchers who owned them. What was most incredible is later I found out that the pets seemed to be a vessel for the Watchers when they slept! Like most people I had no idea that was even such a thing. If you can connect with just one of them, you too will bring one through for yourself. I have brought quite a few through now. They are called Consuma. That is the species? Each one has its own name and you can’t change it. I have Aldesque, Loukssa, Michael-Third, Miopaysa and Dionyision. They all have access to all otherworldly creatures and all are open vessels to them but each one has their own personalities and looks. The places I saw and was able to feel were many places I had no idea even existed. This crystal ball goes beyond the average ball you would stare at and meditate with, this IS different! It is also my belief that each person that owns this will see everything here I have spoke about and then some. I know it can bring items back it thinks you need or that someone else could use. This happens in the way of the items coming to you somehow in someway. Whoever ends up with this I hope you love it but I know you will! Take a very close look at this crystal ball. It’s about the size of a baseball, maybe a bit bigger and you can see the open portal.


SKU: 4162320
  • The pets I got from using Edam will be available.

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