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This piece was created by a Navajo Dreamwalker. Dreamwalkers are powerful elders of the Navajo tribes that are able to open the portal to the dream world. Through this portal they are able to visit the dreams of anybody they want to. This way they will be able to see what really lies in the subconscious of others.

I'm not sure how story these dream walkers are, simply because for the most part the tribes tried to keep the identity of the dreamwalkers subdued. This way if they ever needed to know what was really going on in the mind of an unsuspecting individual they can find out.

Here's the thing - not only could dreamwalkers visit the subconscious of others, but they could also exist within their energies and their knowledge. Therefore, if there was a person who was thought to have possessed some sort of sacred, secret ability the dreamwalker could easily access it by visiting the dreams of said person.

The train Walker also had the ability to influence the dreams of others in order to control their minds. They could fill the thoughts of unsuspecting individuals with whatever dreams and thoughts they chose. It is no wonder that dream catchers and other sorts of protection are so popular among certain Indian tribes.

Anyway, this piece gives you the powers of a dreamwalker. You'll be able to do exactly as we've mentioned above. You can travel to other people's dreams for any purpose of your choosing, whether you simply want to create dreams and thoughts for other people, you want to see what they think and how they feel in their subconscious existence, or you are looking to mind energy and Magic. Whatever the case may be, this piece definitely has possibilities of extreme Magic.

Dream Walker

SKU: 1302335
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