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This piece is sterling silver and holds 5 other worldly powers. This ring is sterling silver with 5 water holding stones, water Opals. This holds the following.

Mystical and Occult powers sson a God like level.

The Holy Sacred Spark. Previously this could only be obtained by those who died and came back. Even then you had to be picked to have it given to you.

Prayer Casting. A BIG difference from spell casting! You decide and let it ride!

Supernatural intelligence.

Telekinetic War/Combat/Protection

Nothing is evil in this piece but designed to help and protect. I know the word war or combat sounds terrible but this is a means of protection against that! This makes you stronger than the enemy or enemies.

This is a size 7 and can be worn on a chain and used by male or female. We have one more in titanium I believe. This is sterling.

Divinity From Another World

SKU: 6824021
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