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Power of the Divine Mystic Arts of Tolas Magic

The Tolas Magic is an ancient primordial magic source older than life itself, stronger than any human power. Often called the true energy, the Tolas Magic brings to life things that once could never imagine. The Divine Mystic Arts grew as a natural offshoot of the Tolas Magic and were initially focused on preserving the secrets from mere mortals. A decree from the Sorcerer Supreme changed that. Soon, the Tolas mystic Society, led by the Sorcerer Supreme, began to transform humans through the boon granted by the divine gods. Their powers quickly drew attention. The power of the Tolas Magic was divinely infused in the pendant; one of the old gods made a thick flow of molten metal and the other gods combined their essence and melded the flows to create a truly marvelous work of art and magic.

Truly, it is a piece that combines beauty, power, magic, and pure universal energy. Carefully created by the gods to last forever, the pendant is sought-after among the followers of the old ways. In the early days, following the creation of the pendant, kings would offer a tribute of several thousand gold crowns to have the bearer follow them into battle as it guaranteed a resounding victory. But the Sorcerer Supreme never sold that privilege; instead, they took it to battle to defend innocent villagers from marauding bandits, greedy kings and devouring beasts.

The pendant offers both spiritual and physical protection, power, extreme wealth, and happiness, and grants the deepest desires of its devotees. Simply wearing the pendant is enough to align the forces of nature to carry out your wishes. Sliding your hands along the curved edge and silently saying your intentions will bring the old gods to intervene in whatever issue you have. For joy, peace, happiness, protection, and fulfillment, this ancient Tolas Magic pendant is unrivaled in power. The pendant also imbues the wearer with a special grace to overcome personal challenges and deal with issues. The Tolas Magic aims to bring wearers in sync with the old gods; the wearer can therefore draw strength from them to overcome challenges.

Divine Mystic Arts

SKU: Made to order
  • These are made for the letdown using their birthday and country of birth. We have more than pendants. There are rings and bracelets. All are sterling silver. Some with stones and dome with out. To use you only need to wear it or carry as it is made for you. The connection is yours. These are living items and work extremely well because they take your birth print to make.

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