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Sterling silver antique original ring. Companion to the love pendant.

Joseph Forepaugh, a successful dry goods merchant hired a maid, Molly, to help take care of his mansion in the 1880's.

Joseph and Molly began a love affair that ended when Joseph’s wife caught them in bed. Soon after, Molly discovered she was pregnant and hung herself from the third floor chandelier~!

Joseph then took his family to Europe, but eventually returned to the house and killed himself on the ground floor.

Today, the property, now a restaurant, is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the star-crossed lovers. In death, as in life, Molly is confined to the servants quarters upstairs while Joseph haunts the first floor.

They have been haunting, as there is a blockage in the Universal fields that have been keeping them apart. 

This blockage is often why some people cannot connect well with their imperial items. 

We have an amazing clearance item that was created by Merlin, and this was used to bring Molly and Joseph back together. Now it is available for you to unblock the wraths that are hindering you. These blockages generate essential shadows over the spectrum that you need to succeed in all areas of your life -- and this is the power indulged piece that will clear any blockages that have been holding you back.

There also is a love amulet that was encompassed by the power that was interjected when Molly and Joseph were reunited -- this sparked incredible fuses that invoked energies to bring forth true love. See listing: "LOVE UNITED AFTER DEATH"


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