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It began when archaeologists uncovered the remains of an ancient race in Transylvania.  The race of people was a discovery that was never before seen.  They appeared humanoid is structure, but they had somewhat exaggerated features and heads that were slightly larger than our own, as well as brains that were slightly larger and much more functionING than our own.  The remnants and skeletal remains of the race of individuals was the beginning of what would eventually become the largest find in the history of World Archaeology.  It would open the door to a privatized faction of  government called Department Zero, but we'll have more about this in a moment.  For now, I'd like to begin with the race of individuals that I am going to call the Moonwalkers.  

The Moonwalkers were the ancients of the area that would eventually become known as Transylvania.  It was in this area that archaeologists found one of the most startling discoveries in making.  It was a network of tunnels that was made from pure gold.  The gold was built in perfect dimensions and was spiritually charged, seemingly leading to nowhere.  This is where the magic came in. Whomever the race of Moonwalkers were from many years ago have not left many clues behind, save for a tokens of power that were recovered from a shrine that was also crafted out of solid gold.  In the wall of this shrine was etched an exact diagram of the universe with a special emphasis on the Planet Jupiter.  Jupiter was etched larger than the other planets.  I mean, Jupiter is the biggest of the nine planets, or eight planets, or however many scientists say we have.  But at the end of the golden tunnel where the altar is located, Jupiter is etched into the wall with exaggerated proportions.  It leads whomever encounters the etching with the right impression... that this must have some direct correlation to the planet Jupiter.  

Particularly, this shrine has a direct connection to to one of Jupiter's moons that is called Europa.  It is a moon that in recent times scientists say that if it weren't for the fact that it was so far away from the Sun could house existence of its own.  I've got some news for the science community-- Europa already has a life form of its own.  Sometime along the annals of history, the ancient Transylvanians discovered an alien technology that was left here by a separate race of ancient extraterrestrials that must have visited Earth.  Although the Transylvanians are mostly associated with vampires, the fact that they were a highly advanced and intelligent group of people is sometimes looked over.  I guess people just love their vampires.  Make no mistakes though-- the Transylvanians were on par with the best including the Sumerians and the Egyptians.  They used the ancient alien technology to discover some secrets of their own, that secret being how to open up the Sixth Stargate.  

The Stargate is a Cosmic Buoy that acts just like a buoy in water would.  Once the gate is open, it bobs in space and leads whomever opened the stargate to whatever is on the other side.  In this case, it led to ancient underground pyramids on the face of Jupitan moon called Europa.  The center of the Europa is a rich place, with rich existence and plenty of magic of its own.  It is where the gold came from that the early Transylvanians used to make their underground network of tunnels and their shrine deep underneath the face of the Earth.  It is also what they used to pave the infrastructure of the tunnels that led to the Bucegi Mountains, The Romanian Sphinx, and the Pyramids of Giza, but more on that later.  For now, we will remain focused on the Moonwalkers. 

The Moonwalkers used their powers to roam freely between Europa and Earth, bringing with them two things:  wealth and alien technology.  Both of these things would be stored up deep beneath the ground and sealed for centuries like a time capsule, until archaeologists would rediscover them and the governments of both Romania and the United States would jump in and take over the excavations.  The forging of a new alliance between the two governments came with strong ties in high ranking officials also belonging to high ranking positions within Masonic ranks.  In the Brotherhood of Masons, loyalty to the Masons comes first, thus an alliance was forged and new operation was untertaken.  The top secret group handling the project in Romania would be called Department Zero.  Department Zero is basically the Romanian equivalent of the CIA.  They deal with all things secret and cover them up from the public-- especially powerful secrets like these ones that they want to keep to themselves.  

This item has been made with gold from the altar of the Moonwalkers.  They are an ancient race of aliens that came back from the Moon Europa with the humans.  They set up ancient extraterrestrial mystery schools in Transylvania and nearby Romania.  Here they taught the ancient humans their ways in underground chambers that were built with gold from the center of Europa and their ancient pyramid.  The gold holds a charge that provided enlightenment for the people that were able to open up the Sixth Stargate to meet with the Moonwalkers. It contains the gold from their underground pyramids, which are living breathing sources of knowledge that are constantly expanding with the growth of our own universe.  

The powers in this item include those that allow the opening of the Sixth Stargate in your mind.  It will awaken the presence of a Sixth Gate Moonwalker, who will come to you and be your personal alien informant.  You will be taught in the ways of the living, breathing pyramid that is the epicenter of the Moonwalkers' knowledge.  It is the source of all of their extraterrestrial technology and the holds the blood line of their existence.  They exist apart from the pyramid but at the same time all Moonwalkers are a part of the pyramid, so in essence what you are receive is your own piece of the living, breathing, golden pyramid from Europa.  It will open up a channel in your mind that will create a Cosmic reflection.  This reflection contains all the knowledge and powers of the entire universe.  You will also receive the Moonwalker, to be your companion and mentor in the powers of technology that you are receiving.

Department Zero, 6th STARGATE

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