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Dafo’s School Of Wizardry.

When was Wicca a religious belief started? It was started in 1932 in England but not by Gerald Gardner instead by a woman only known as Dafo. Everything that is Wicca came from Dafo who passed it to Gardner, he then added to it. Please do your research on WICCA before you tell me I’m wrong, because I’m not. Gardner, not Dafo added Gods and Goddesses to Wicca among other twists. There isn’t anything wrong with what he did. Religions are born often out of nothing and sometimes something. Just look at the Bible, so many books have been removed. This isn’t because they are not real but because it was thought those books were not needed. If you read those or even listened to them narrated you probably will figure out why. You can find them on YouTube. These will go into the Cave of Treasures and prophecy as well. This piece is vintage sterling silver and we call it the spirit of Wizardry. The teacher who resides in this school is Gardner, Eleanor Bone and the mysterious Dafo. How do you use this Vintage Sterling piece? You will wear it a few minutes before bed. Wear for 15 to 30 minutes and then remove it. Place it by your bed before you go to sleep. This piece will be used to bring you to their world/ school on the astral level. Because the astral level is used you may also use this another way. Place the ring on and get into your meditative state while sitting up or lying down, whatever feels best for you. If using this during the day get into a quiet place, try to get it as dark as possible and light a safe candle before sitting for your first lesson. These method is extremely easy because you will look into the flame to get the meditative state going. This is a one of a kind piece. This was given to Gardner at the end of his life by a former member.

Dafo’s School of Wizardry

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