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The Cup of Babylon.

The Cup of Babylon is a legendary artifact associated with the ancient city of Babylon, located near the present-day site of Hillah, Iraq.

The cup is often depicted as a magical or enchanted vessel with various supernatural properties, granting immortality and providing endless sustenance. It is also a vessel

of the greatest power!

The Cup of Babylon is linked to ancient kings, sorcery, and supernatural creatures.

Here is a quick list of some of the things the cup can do.

1. Granting immortality! One common belief is that the cup has the power to grant immortality or prolong life. It will also give eternal youth or invincibility for those who possess or drink from it.

2. Endless sustenance! The Cup of Babylon has the ability to provide unlimited food and drink. It is believed to ensure perpetual abundance, eliminating hunger or thirst for its owner or those who drink from it.

3. Healing properties! The cup is said to possess healing or curative properties. It can cure illnesses, wounds, or even reverse the effects of aging.

4. Divination or prophecy! The Cup of Babylon has the ability to foresee the future or reveal hidden knowledge. It also has oracular qualities, allowing its possessor to gain insight or guidance into important matters.

5. Control over spirits or supernatural beings! The cup is also said to have the power to command or control supernatural entities, such as genies or demons. It could potentially be used to summon, bind, or control such beings.

Now let’s talk about the two John’s and how this cup came to be!

The Secret Supper of Two John’s. The secret comes from Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the last supper. Not the Cup of Babylon but how it supposedly came to be. It definitely exists but you can only guess how. Here is a possibility.

First, there was a secret supper. The two Johns’s is what I’m not sure of. But using the Chronovisor I will find out. In the picture there are clues that not one supper but two took place. In the clues is John the Baptist and a twin of Jesus Christ. It is said that the three, two John’s and Jesus had the real last supper where important information was passed on all sorts of supernatural things. This was placed into the Cup of Babylon.

What was taught? Hidden and secret knowledge to be passed to those who were searching. These can sometimes be known as travelers. This knowledge shouldn’t be passed to those who would do evil with it. When you look at the picture it is said by those belonged to hidden secret societies like Leonardo was that it’s right in front of your face. On the left is another dimension that Jesus and the two John’s were, two places at one time. There are also hand gestures and other things that point to this. As I understand it this information begins to get passed around to certain people 2022. Only certain people! Some of the knowledge about where to locate the cup is hidden in the picture. That’s how it was found in Iraq. A lot of what has already been mentioned is in the cup but there is more.

Spiritual rituals and knowledge. Gnosticism, which leads to salvation and enlightenment. Esoteric traditions. These include alchemy. Not far fetched considering Jesus turned water into wine and was able to feed a ton of people on what? One fish? Divination and ritual practices kept hidden from the mainstream people. Hermetic wisdom, the secrets to this are not only in the cup but hidden in the painting in code.

How did I get these? I had them. These are very expensive Princess House. They are real crystal in the pattern Fantasia. When Adita told me Mostapha had the cup I was not to surprised because I knew him already from NJ but he went back to visit family in Iraq. Then he kinda had to stay there. Long story. He has been in search of it for years and followed clues in the painting which he had to do in secret. After he told Adita and knew it was me she was talking to we cracked up! He said I had to have either gold or real crystal to hold the kind of power. Through the divination or psychic visions in real time the sidewalks were made of crystal and the water was a liquid crystal! These have been tested for all except immortality because that takes a long time to see the outcome! Why are these so cheap if they do so much? Two reasons. In 2022 knowledge was to be spread and if I don’t have to pay a lot and I can get more than one, I pass that savings onto you. Regular price if I only had one would be about 1,800.00 so I call this the deal of the day!

Cup Of Babylon- Deal of the Day!!!

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