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Crystal Skulls

Some of you have seen mine, I do have one and it’s the real deal! This is a ring that holds the qualities of my real crystal skull. You will see it has one opal eye, it is not missing an eye but is supposed to be like this. The skull is all in sterling silver. This is a size 7 and the opal isn’t crappy. It has fire!

There are many things said about the crystal skulls. One is the 13 skulls. This is basically that when they are all together you can unleash the strongest hidden power known to man. You can make a 13 circle yourselves. You just need one original skull. Like me! You then have where it is said that these skulls were carved to hold ancient ancestors. These ancestors held the hidden knowledge of a time before we had records, including the Bible. In another legend it’s said that they hold the key to unlock ancient alien technology, hmm, sounds interesting! Then you have healing and psychic ability. Multiple types of psychic ability which is given to the owner. Of course again you need to have an original crystal skull and then create a circle of 13.

Let’s not forget Atlantis. The legend here is that the skulls hold all of the power, knowledge, wisdom and empowerment of any crystal along with the ability to move energy into crystals. Also the FULL ability to communicate with the Atlanteans who have moved to another dimension with their physical bodies! This is the most amazing to me and yes I tried it!

There is also the legend of Time Travel, yes that’s true. Somehow they know how to bend and alter not just time but dimensions as well.

Then we have the legends of the Guardians of Wisdom. This means that some never encountered spirits or living beings added to the skills to be able to pass down knowledge of things we could never hope to know! They used a high frequency energy to fill the skulls with everything ever created. Could that be true? Last we have Earth consciousness and universal cosmic energies that help you to reach the highest level your soul can go.

You may ask, what do they do? Everything above!

Crystal Skulls

SKU: 12024069
  • You may look into the eyes of this skull. You will not die! This is one powerhouse of a ring! You may wear it on a chain if you wish to. I think it would look pretty good on a chain too!

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