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If you are into Asian magic, but you are also into pyramid Magic, then this piece is the one for you! This piece has traveled to the crystal pyramid in Asia. The crystal pyramid in Asia is hidden among the Himalayan mountains. It isn't just physically hidden, but also metaphysically hidden. In order to find a detect the mountain you need to have a certain type of Awakening or have been born with a special telepathic frequency in your mind. It is exceptionally rare, which is why sightings of the crystal pyramid in Asia are so scant.

However, the pyramid is there. It is alive and well. It is an astonishing source of energy, and magic, and power. It's no wonder why the ancient Asian people were so holistic and knowledgeable. They were able to tap into the powers of this pyramid and manifest them into their physical Realm. They were able to use the energy of the pyramid to create Magic and to sustain a magical lifestyle.

Never fear though, because that is what this piece is going to allow you to do. This piece develops a direct connection between yourself and the Capstone of the crystal pyramid in Asia. This will give you an Awakening unlike anything you've ever experienced before. The knowledge and mystic energy of the crystal pyramid will rush through your veins and open you up. You will receive Magic and knowledge unparalleled to anything else.

Crystal Pyramid Opening

SKU: 242409
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