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No Longer At Death

The angelic crown is a rare sight, more so now than ever. The reason for this is because most people no longer die at home but in the hospital or in long term care. When we do see it today it is usually in a culture that doesn’t throw away their old people. So basically you don’t see it in the United States and that’s a shame. Who is to blame for that? The parents are, not all the time because some children are just born a certain way and no matter what the parent does, it doesn’t matter. I know three families that have one child like that. The other children are great, well behaved and grew up with class, morals and empathy for others. In those cases you just can’t blame the parents. I hate to see online when people are going at a parent not even knowing what happened! I never judge, mainly because I have been around for multiple lives and I have learned. Even if I haven’t I believe I would have an inner sense of what is right and wrong. If you are one of those parents, you can’t blame yourself. All I would suggest is to never spoil them except at holidays. Teach the value of work and above all respect for you! I think I had to whop my daughter only twice. Both times were as a teenager and both times were for disrespect. I was taught never disrespect and she was taught the same. Her children are now taught the same. Also don’t constantly yell because they will become immune to it. My daughter’s father did that but I never had to. I could give her a look and she knew. It wasn’t because I beat her either because I didn’t really believe in that. Like I said, I had to whop her twice. I’m not telling anyone what to do because each kid is different but YOU must be in charge and a parent not a friend. There is balance in that. They must be able to talk to you and tell you anything. Trust me, a child feels safe with structure and a strong parent! Now, getting back to this! I had to type that because I saw a horrible child today! At first I wondered why they were letting this oaf act like that. What the oaf was doing had me in shock! I wanted to whip his ass to help the poor mother! I told her to take him in the bathroom and take care of business. She said they believed in talk punishment! What is that! Meanwhile he was cursing her out. The names he called her I honestly would have sent him sailing and then grabbed him up to repeat the process at home! I mean this was totally uncalled for! Anyway back to your halo. So anyway long ago when people died at home sometimes but still rare a real feather halo was over the just died persons head. Like I said it was rare but it did happen. You could either save those feathers, clothes or jewelry the person was wearing to have the real benefits of the angels. The angels were able take the person to heaven and share in the secrets of heaven. What is more incredible is the person touching or keeping any material items from the passed on got the same supernatural power but way more powerful as if someone came back from the dead and touched them. This is what crossing into the veil is. If you do that or anyone does that they come back with certain abilities, mainly ESP. Of course others are often obtained too. Seeing into the future, knowing about something bad happening before it does so you can stop it. Knowing who killers are, knowing people and things you never would. Those happen if you cross briefly or have physical contact with the dead. Sounds good right? This is like that but 100 plus times more powerful because it’s coming from a bunch of angels not even just one but a bunch. Instead of crossing you are getting something truly supernatural left behind. So yes the necklace you see is old and yes it was on a dead person. She passed and when buried was buried with only her wedding ring. These angelic crystals were left behind. I knew her personally and met her in Texas. When she died she was wearing this and a few other things but the full feather crown was over her head. For those of you with EMF meters this will really go off! Just so you all know this crown is a special blessing to the one who died as well. What is a left behind is also a blessing and highly supernatural. I can definitely see it cracking open the third eye!

Crown From Another Realm

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