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Club of Cain

This listing is for recognizing the beasts that roam the world. These people are evil in all ways and seek the destruction of people for their own gain. They can shape-shift into any person they want. They don’t do this for pleasure but for getting what they want or destroying others. Apparently there is a club of them called the Club of Cain. This club goes way back to biblical times and started with the people below the mountain. Cain’s seed as I have been told. Telling me something doesn’t make it true and I had to check it out for myself. I personally have never heard of it before and I have heard of most things. So while I didn’t like what I was hearing I was excited at the same time. Once the excitement wore off, I was concerned. The people in the club can shift into political figures or regular family members. This is scary because the agenda doesn’t seem to be good. Like I said when I heard about it I needed to see it and was able to. Things like that don’t scare me but the agenda does. They also have the power to pass possession onto others. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that correctly but I watched one of them create a energy that could be seen and it entered another persons body. That person then looked at me with pure black eyes. They had no whites at all and then it went away. The woman didn’t even know it happened. They did this to turn her into some kind of Manchurian candidate. I will be watching the news for North Carolina! They also use this to fund their exploits. They don’t just shift but can create their own essence to leave their own bodies and enter another. They do this while always maintaining their own physical body and yet having control over another person. They use that to get money. They can influence others to give it to them in all kinds of ways, free or bank loans, any way they can. It’s big money too. They use that to travel and influence. People are picked to join the Club of Cain by what requirements I do not know. They use what they call an essence of wrap to create vessels of power. Once you have one of them you can employ the same power. I did get two of them. I have tested them but using them in a good way. I was very happy with the outcome but I’m not sure if the clubs total agenda as of yet. This is an ongoing investigation where I must act as if I’m okay with all they do. I will find out more and update. As for the vessels I have to say they are dual magic. Honestly though your most powerful items are living things, human and otherwise are dual. These vessels can be used now but as far as joining the Club of Cain I need more information and I want to know the agenda.

Right now I’m putting this as a wealth piece and a control piece. This is definitely dual. This is definitely powerful. There will be more update on this piece in the next few months. I have a way I want to use it and if that works I would say you can also shape shift with it. I’m told you can do that now but until I test it, I’m not going to say for positive it will do that.

This piece is sterling silver and can be worn by all two genders. You will get one.

Club of Cain

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