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All items listed here can be reproduced and duplicated. If it's out of stock and you want one, please contact us and we can get you one.

This piece is a pendant with a black stone. Conjured into the stone is Claudio. Claudio is a companion vampire. He also happens to be a Highgate vampire, which some of you will recall are some of the most powerful vampires in existence.

Claudio is a companion vampire and will simply be there when you need someone to be there. However, he will also share his life experience with you and I promise his is way longer. You can ask him anything you want.

Bonus -- Since Claudio is a Highgate, he is very powerful. He will share his powers with you in moderation. It's not that he's holding out on you, but moderation is all you will be able to handle. That's how powerful he truly is.

Claudio, An Original Highgate Vampire

SKU: 1222321
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