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Cicadas Song

These are real stone Cicadas and not colored glass. The beads are glass. I do know there are a lot on the market right now but these are different in how they are made.

What does this piece do. You need to allow it to touch your skin or lay against your chest. It will heat up because it’s real. One it is heated up the changes begin. You should sleep or meditate with this piece. The magical properties associated with this are immortality, resurrection, spiritual enlightenment and transformation. This piece will bring a transformation through spiritual enlightenment. These start to work immediately and for the spiritual enlightenment it takes from 1 to three months but it is a complete spiritual enlightening. This means whatever it is you need to fully understand the hidden world around you. Meditation doesn’t mean you sit cross legged or have to hum. You just need to be in a comfortable position and I would light a candle. Just relax and stare into the flame and allow yourself to relax.

Cicadas Song

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