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There really is a "center of the Universe." In all actuality, it isn't really the center of the universe. I suppose that it is more like the center of all existence. I cannot say that I have ever been there before because I have not. Had I been there, then it is safe to say that I would liken unto a God. I may be immortal, but I am not a God. I might know a lot of magic and I might have items that allow me to create magic, but I am not the beginning of magic. I do not give life and I cannot take life. This right is reserved for those who are called the gods. The gods, in particular, the God Jehovah, have all been to the Center of Existence and have gained the power of what is called the Universal Life Pool.

The Universal Life Pool. What is it? Well, It cannot really be described, it is more of something that has to be felt. The best way to describe it in mortal words is to say that a mass of energy at the center of existence. It goes by plenty of other names, but Life Pool is generally the accepted name for this life force. Again, those who have acquired and mastered the energy of the Life Pool are called gods and have the unique ability to create and to destroy. The Universal Life Pool is where Jehovah has traveled to gather all of his power and gain all of his knowledge. This knowledge, in turn, has allowed God to create existence as we know it to be. It allowed him to create. With it he created his angels, the heavens, all living beings and all life.

On the opposite side of things, it is also is the power that allows him to render things devoid. For instance, it allowed him the ability to build Hell, the lake of fire and pit of darkness. The meaning of hell is to be devoid of all life, thus the dark pit where souls float around without a purpose, waiting for their eventual demise. The point is that those who master the Life Pool can both grant and rescind life. God once granted Lucifer life, but then began to act out against the will of the one who gave him life, he was a goner. It's a simple concept. Those who give life can also take life.

Now, I don't have to recount the story about the man-God Messiah that was sent to Earth via immaculate conception to save the world that they might be given eternal life. I'm sure you've all got that down. It has only been ingrained into our brains for the last 2,000 years. For those of you who are familiar with the story of the savior, you might recount his ability to grant miracles. He could turn water into wine. He could command storms and control the weather. He turned to fish and loaves into a dinner to feed the masses. The one power that he had that was had by nobody else, though, was the ability to raise the dead or to cause you sudden death. He had control over the very life of everyone that he came into contact with. Not even I, with all my years of magical, immortal experience, can grant the gift of life or take it away from somebody. This is because the bloodline of Christ was infused with the power of the Life Pool. This is why he had to be born of an immaculate conception, so that way his power was not perverted on his way into a sinful world.

The powers that were vested into Jesus Christ were given to him because of his duality. He is part man and also part God. He existed at the beginning of time with the understanding that he was to be sent to the world as a Messiah for the people. He came faithfully, but he was born with all the attributes of God, meaning that even as a mortal he has the powers that come from the Life Pool. These powers, specifically, are responsible for his ability to raise people, such as Nazareth from the dead, or to curse demons to Hell. It is the very power that allowed him to rise from the dead three days after he was killed. It is the ultimate control over the powers of life, have descended from the Universal Life Pool at the center of existence. The life energy obviously has to come from somewhere; well there is your answer, finally. If you have been seeking, look no further.

I got this piece from an underground trader named Salem. I honestly don't know how he got the item. All I know is that he led me down a dark hallway to a room that illuminated by a single lamp hanging from the ceiling. The room was dusty and dank and smell heavily of incense. He led me to a corner of the room, wherein an antiquated glass showcase that had been tinted the color of smoke, there were two very tiny glass bottles. Each bottle was no more than an inch in height. Salem urged me to reach in an pull one of the bottles out of the showcase, so I did. I touched the bottle, and without missing a beat I saw Christ's life flash before my eyes. I'm not talking about from the time he was born into the mortal world and died as a mortal before he was resurrected. I saw his life in its entirety flash before my eyes. It all occurred in a matter of seconds even though it felt like a lifetime. I watched as these bottles were sanctified with the powers of the blood of Christ.

It was many years after he had been hung on the cross that returned to make these items that were hidden in a cave somewhere outside of Rome. Well, the Catholics have since had the piece hidden somewhere beneath that Vatican, such as they do with so many magical items that they do not want to be seen by the public. They want to hoard all the powers for themselves. They watched as I saw a robed and hooded figure removing the item from its secret hiding spot, taking it away from the Vatican. This is the last thing I saw before I came back to reality. This is why I say I don't know how Salem got the piece. I don't know if he stole it or if somebody else did. It could really go either way. This is not important, though. The powers in this piece are the important part.

These bottles each contain Christ Blood powers. They are each over 1,000 years old and made from glass, obviously. Yeah, you will gain white light magic and all that good stuff. The most intriguing part of these items are the fact that when you fill them and drink the liquid that you fill the bottle with, you will gain control over the Life Pool. Remember that source of energy I told you about earlier that has control over all of life and all of death. These powers will suddenly become yours for the taking when you drink from the bottles, which I am calling Christ's Elixir of Life. Christ's Elixir of Life is the same power with which God created the universe and all the life you see within it. With this power, you will find that you are able to raise people from the dead or to sentence them to death if you so choose. This will allow you to bring back people from the past for whatever reason you may want to do so. Perhaps it is a loved one you need to gain closure with? Maybe it is somebody who had a source of power that you wish to gain? Either way, you will gain full powers of raising the dead.

Along with the life force comes the ability to affect your own life. This means that should you choose, you can gain immortality. Immortality is the final hidden secret of mankind. When you drink Christ's Elixir of Life you will have the option of taking immortality should you so choose. Was Jesus Christ not the ultimate example of Immortality? Basically, this piece will render your entire existence as a god on Earth with the ability to control all life forms that you encounter.

These pieces are not perfect as they are very old. They also hold the K7 gene,this is what gives you that ultimate power as if you were also a God or given the power from. One of the bottles was given to Mary Magdelene, the others I don't know who they were given to.

Christ’s Elixir

SKU: 12222304
  • This was in about an inch and a half bottle. I replaced that with this one which was mine. This bottle is old and works better than expected!

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