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There has been a lot of debate about whether or not cellular memory is a valid hypothesis within the scientific community. HOwever, when it comes to the metaphysical, we don't need proof because we already have it. The fact that cells hold memories that can be passed down from generation to generation is not a new concept for us. We'be been working with the likes of cellular memory for years.

When we first started working with cellular memory, we were able to call forth aspects of a person's ancestral DNA to manifest magical abilities that either they didn't know they had or that they knew they had but couldn't embrace them properly. More recently, we have been experimenting, successfully, with being able to infuse the cellular memory of living and semi-living entities into the bodies of living mortals. It took a little while, but we finally have it down.

We have created a collection of items that we call Cellular Memory Infusion items. what this means is simple. An item has been given the cellular memory of a specific entity or being. The cellular memory of these various entities and beings have been stored in vessels that can then be worn by the user in order to manifest that particular cellular memory within their own cell structure.

The reason we have chose to do this using cellular memory energy is because it is much, much easier to use and also easier to transport. We have developed this piece with the help of a metaphysical biophysicist who wishes to remain anonymous due to his credentials and prominence in the scientific community. However, I'll tell you this much. If this person doesn't end up winning a Nobel Peace Prize by the end of their life-- if there even is an end to their life-- I will be thoroughly surprised.

Below you will find the entity or being whose cellular memory you will be receiving. When receiving their cellular memory, you will also be receiving any powers, magic, secret knowledge, blood right magic, and anything else that they are associated with. This piece will fuse their cellular memory to your, essentially resurrecting their existence with a merger of your own. You maintain full control.

This piece holds the cellular memory of Marilyn Monroe, one of America's most darling stars. When using this piece you will receive her astound beauty, her unparalleled charm, and her enviable charisma. You will gain her tremendous knowledge in business and the entertainment industry, allowing you grasp fame for whatever reason you desire. You will also receive wealth, as our Marilyn had plenty of it! This and so much more is yours with this piece.

Cellular Memory Infusion: Marilyn Monroe (Fame, Beauty, Wealth)

SKU: 2102352
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