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My friend Anthony Marinelli lives near Thomaston, Connecticut. He was in church the day the miracle occurred. This happened back in March but I was told not to say anything until the news broke the story. He wanted me to wait until the miracle was confirmed. He got me one miracle wafer as I call them from the pile. He said he personally saw it happen. I don’t feel the church will confirm a miracle and I believe it’s for political reasons. So since the end of March I have had this single wafer. What I have done with it is combine it with candles from the tomb of Christ. These candles come directly from Jerusalem and are lit inside the tomb.

What do they do?

These are little candles that create true supernatural miracles. They smell of Frankincense, heavily. They are long but very thin and it only takes one. For each miracle you ask for. Keep in mind it’s summer but I have had no issue sending them to friends. If you are not in the United States please take note of the shipping fee if not spending 100.00. You will need to send 12.00 which is still less than what it costs to ship to you. However you may combine these with any other orders you have on my website only. If you are in the United States you may also combine with any ebay win. Out of the country I can’t combine with ebay because they ship for me and will remove them during the customs paperwork. If your country doesn’t allow religious items, let me know and they will come unmarked to you.

Enjoy these very special candles. Oh, and yes they have been tested the entire month of April. So far all the results coming in have been 100 percent positive! Usually it’s hard to get 100 percent but with these they have been achieved!

Candles From the Tomb

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