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One of a Kind!

This piece is so old and used so many times in dimensional travel. Originally this belonged to a man who was walking in a field and just disappeared after being taken to jail. He walked right through the walls of the jail but he was extremely nice and classy. I know it’s weird! It is like a combination of the time traveler from NY or Chicago? He just appeared out of nowhere. What you’re looking at is a photo of another dimension, look closely at it. It’s the only one I know in existence. This holds a most unusual energy, one I have never felt before, one that is definitely not like any human I have felt. There is a sense of not alien but just a very high yet low energy. I know it doesn’t make sense. So maybe calm but yet high intensity? As I kept looking at it I could see more in it. The physical world of that dimension and the spirit world too. You find you can go where you want for now as far as dimensions go.

Brought back from another dimension

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