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The British Leprechauns

Yes, I know they originate in Ireland but these migrated to Britain. These are not tricky or demanding and they only do wealth related magic. This includes financial safety, gaining of supernatural abundance, lucky windfalls, wealthy gainful employment and being in the circle of wealth.

These went to Britain with a well known singer. They were given to him as a gift. He in turn gave some to his family of which he doesn’t have a lot. His friends are users, not all of them but it goes along with the entertainment industry. Friends aren’t really friends.

I met him through the one lady I know in Hong Kong. Her husband owns a entertainment company that manages many well known celebrities. The one guy I really like and he’s normal! We really got it off unlike the others I met. One was Arnold Shwartzeneggers doctor. He is a smacked ass. He’s Japanese and well known in his field. He’s written many medical journals but his interest is in the paranormal. He wants to combine it with medical treatment. If you are using spirits and they are going to do what you want, that’s cool. But he was to much of a demanding asshole to accomplish anything profound or miraculous. He called me at 2 or 3 am to tell me he was coming to my house and that he had just landed in NYC. I told him no. He also wanted to bring a bunch of cameras in. He demanded it. You see these people have honestly believe that if you are not in the celebrity circle you are just a piece of shit to be used. You are a slave and need to bow to them. Well, Dee Dee don’t play those games! I don’t care how much money you have or who you are. If you are an asshole I don’t want to deal with you, it’s not worth it. I decided to put these on because he called me today. Still demanding and still an asshole. I told him just that. I believe some of these people in those circles maybe need to be told a little something. I had no problem with it. He told me he was going to tell so and so I was rude. I told him to go ahead because they thought he was an asshole too. I asked him how much he charged as a doctor or as a consultant. I asked him if he felt that was a good rate. He said yes so I said, amazing!! That’s what I will charge you for my expertise! He’s still trying to do the same things with no success but it’s only because he’s an… asshole!

These Leprechauns were given to him, just one. The rest of what was left was given to me. This is why he called. He wants to use his to heal medically but again he doesn’t get it! Each spirit or type of entity does whatever it is they do. These are to give wealth. Yes they have been tested and they work amazingly well and fast. You only need to know the name which I will give you. These too can be strung. These are very tiny but largely powerful! You will get one.

British Leprechauns

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