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This is part of an amazing set of brainwave kinetic products that work almost immediately~!!

These are some of the biggest innovations we have seen in this field in a VERY LONG TIME!

Unlike a lot of brainwave empowered products you do not need to wear them attached to your head to feel the surge and connection.

Each has been fully tested and will impart an immediate impact based on its charged strength.

** These are outstandingly powerful and will show impacting results....the particles were integrated with Isochiral Magic!

This piece will bring you exceptional Reiki Healing by connecting the extreme powers through your mind and surging your brain waves when you wear it, again it does not need to be placed on your head -- but rather just worn as the type of jewelry it is invoked within! This piece also works PERFECTLY with the Kundalini!!!! This is a two for one and will do long distance healing, correction and protection!

This gorgeous snake is rhinestones with enamel and two crystal emerald green eyes. It’s a real stunning ring!

Brain Formatting Follicles -- Item # 1

SKU: 62923121
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