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Former Mother Goddess in Blood Rituals.

Arizona Wilder has been abducted since childhood by a secret branch of US government called MKULTRA to perform blood rituals for the Illuminati. She had been subjected to unthinkable torture as a child, mind controlled and brainwashed multiple times in order to invoke her psychic abilities such as astral projection. In an interview with David Icke, she cites Dr Joseph Mengele, the Nazi doctor nicknamed “Angel of Death”, as her supervisor.

Dr Mengele is known to have been involved in heinous crimes and torture during World War 2. Brought to the US under Project Paperclip, he was to lead US Government’s projects in the area of Mind-Control. It was not until his death in 1979 that Arizona Wilder began to set herself free from the mind programming

As part of her training, she was frequently taken to area 51 and many other military bases where she witnessed great horrors such as mutated beings being experimented on. She was to psychically help these beings to not feel pain while they were being taken apart.

In her role as the Mother Goddess in blood rituals, she used her psychic abilities to invoke demonic entities from other realms to come for sacrifice and impart information. There can be only 3 Mother Goddesses alive at any single time.

Due to the part she plays in those rituals, she has seen great atrocities and famous people such as the Queen Mother and other members of the British royal family devouring human flesh and drink human blood during rituals.

According to her, many of the elites such as the Bushes, the Clintons, the Rockerfellers amongst others are actually reptilian beings shape shifted as human beings. They need to drink the blood of people of a specific bloodline to sustain their human form.

Arizona Wilder has given a few interviews on her former life but has acknowledged that she finds it rather challenging to do so. The trauma she has endured requires much healing even to this day.

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Blood Ritual & Mind Control

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