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This is the only one I will have. This is a living piece and can’t be copied!

Many of you if not all have heard of Saint Germain and how he was immortal. Great because that is a wonderful jumping off point! Now you’re going to hear all of the story! There is much more to it than immortality. First let me start off where this was and then where it ended up. This was first found in France by a family who had it passed down for generations. Then it went into the Vatican because something like this can’t get out. It’s bad enough people have heard the stories but to actually possess a living piece with real fluid, well, that just can’t happen!

Voltaire called him the man who knows everything and never dies. I have never been a fan of Voltaire myself, I have always felt an energy of evil even in his name. Here are some things you might not know about the Count. He knew Jesus very well and was at the Council of Nicea. What is that? The council of Nicea was held by Constantine the 1st. It was called to see if the divinity of Christ was real and if the father, son and Holy Spirit were actually one. This was held around 25 AD. It was one of the most important meetings about Christianity. So seeing how long ago that was the Count was there for that but also a close friend of Jesus!

How did Count Saint Germain live day to day? He was around a lot of royalty and important people like aristocrats and policy makers. He was extremely humble though and never put his nose up at anyone. He never in his life looked more than 40 years old and was a great friend to the poor. When you see him you often if not always see him with a cross around his neck. Did you know that he carried a bag of them that he gave to sick and poor people? This is one of those pieces. The chain is new and the cross has been tested and is sterling. These crosses he gave out he carried in a special jeweled box. One man who was known as a commoner fell ill and was destitute. The Count didn’t know him but gave him a cross. He went on to become well and wealthy. We know this because it was written in one of the royals diaries.

Saint Germain was the head of a secret society, it is unknown which one. We do know that he kept the magical abilities he learned from Jesus a secret but if you got a cross from him, you became aware. In the one diary we learn that the cross meant the solution to eternal life and some Earthly compounds. These were all alchemical compounds which was thought how he never had to work but yet maintained such a close relationship with Jesus.

Now some say he died in 1812 but if that was true he would have been over 400 years old! It’s not true though because he was at the last worlds fair held in Paris. This cross gives you that special relationship with Jesus and the ability to telepathically speak with him and the Count. The count is still alive and living in a place called Agharta which is an underground city. He will communicate to you from there. Now, why did the Vatican want it so darn badly? This holds such a special stone that had been referred to as Blood Brothers. It was a mixture of Christ’s blood and the blood of the Count. I do believe this! I believe because I have seen what it has done even in the last month. I believe because the Count was humble and helped those who couldn’t help themselves. I’m not comparing him to Jesus but Jesus sure taught him well!

This is a living piece as well as a miracle piece. There is only one and that is this one! The person who gets this will be a special person who after they have what they need will help others.

Blood Brothers, A Living Piece

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