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Blessed Ritual Prasad

This is comes with a crystal head of Dr. Pillai for constant blessings of money, health,love, spirituality and the removal of negative influence. The two packets that come with this order do miracles, psychic ability,creating your future and wealth. The powders can be burned and the ash becomes very powerful. The ashes should be picked up ( when cool) with the right hand and let go.

The crystal will also help with meditation. When you order this will also come with a website that offers many videos on various things such as meditation and psychic ability. The sets I have seen can run from 260.09 to over 580.00. This will not be costing that! Yet you are getting the same thing.

Please read this statement BEFORE BUYING.

If you have medical questions, investment questions, questions on abuse or relationships. Please seek a professional in the area you need help with. If you are disabled in anyway, physically or mentally we do not discriminate. Under the ADA it is illegal to discriminate and we follow that law. If you are mentally disabled we do not know this and nor will we ask. Again, seek the proper professional. All items are sold under FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! If you buy candles do NOT leave them unattended. If you buy rocks or stones, do NOT throw them at people, cars or animals. If you tell me you are being raped in your sleep by a member of my staff, please see above and seek professional help. I will then assume your are entertaining me and my staff! No one will respond to those statements, inquiries or fantasies. Thank you for your understanding!

Blessed Ritual Prasad

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