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This piece is for the ladies or the gentleman. That's because the entity in this piece, a succubus who descends from the line of Lilith herself, will take to either men or women. She doesn't care as long as you don't. She will play alone with you. Or, she will play with you and your friends. It's totally dependent upon what you want to do as all she wants to do Is provide unearthly pleasures for whoever she comes in contact with.

This succubus is ancient. Not quite as old as the mother succubus herself, but she is from the third generation of succubuses to live on Earth. So, it's fair to say that she's pretty old.

It's also fair to say that she knows what she's doing when it comes to the bedroom. When you own this piece you own her passion. She will come to you and spiritual form and conform to you in any way necessary. However you want her, that is how you will have her.

She is nameless because she takes many forms and has many names. The only thing you need to know about her existence is that she has come to provide you with the best sexual experience that you have ever had in your life. I'm talking about mind-blowing orgasms. I'm talking about nearly endless sexual expeditions. I'm talking about sexual pleasures that will make your entire body feel like they're having an orgasm and unlike anything you've ever felt in your physical form on Earth.

If that sounds like something you can handle, then this piece is for you. It does take a special person to fit the bill, but if you think you can keep up or at least allow the succubus to show you how, then I guarantee this piece will tantalize your senses. My senses, I do mean senses. I never really knew that it was possible to have an audible orgasm before, as in an orgasm you can hear, but this piece will take you to new heights.

This piece is a ring with red crystals.

Bitten By Passion

SKU: 1302362
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