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Astral Fluid.

A very famous military Commander who had a heightened state of awareness was trained by the military. This is what you call a black budget operation. Taking a look back the Chinese were practicing extremely rare magic 2,500 years before Jesus was even born. In the 14th century a man called Albertus Magnus dematerialized many individuals and sent them to multiple dimensions and then brought them back. The Chinese could use invisibility at will, those who knew how. Albertus was said to have met this Commander in one of his travels and gave him some major secrets. These things were called the Astral Fluid and the Mystic Vapor of invisibility. This piece does both. This piece allows for the Astral Fluid which is moving PHYSICALLY from one dimension to another or moving through time. YES! This has been tested! The other with this piece is the Mystic Vapor, that is invisibility. If you look through all the listings you will see RARELY if ever is this type of magic offered and that’s because it’s hard to get! We have one more of these if anyone is curious interested and that one is in sterling. This I believe is Titanium with real stones embedded into the ring. This is a size 11.

Astral Fluid & Mystic Vapor

SKU: 6824022
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