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Asian Prosperity Rituals

This bracelet has been through the wringer of Asian wealth magic. On the bracelet it holds its symbolism, elephant, vines and happy faced elder.

The rituals were the eating of the fish, Yu along with Firecrackers and abundance blessings. I like this one a lot because it combined all Asian wealth and prosperity rituals and magic. This means it will work for the Chinese and Japanese and all other Asian races. This will work for anyone.

The time that went into this was a lot! But the wonderful lady who does them truly understands the magic. This isn’t just for wealth but love, relationships and family. This can be worn by male or female. The lady has a long waiting list so for right now this is the only one I can get.

I have some others from her that do long life and family happiness I will get on.

Asian Prosperity Rituals

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