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Ars Vercanus

Ars Vercanus is not just a magic but a method. It reaches across all cultures and souls. Ars Vercanus is an energy of pure understanding of all magics. This will expand your consciousness until you can do any magical work yourself. It uses your inner energy, energy from the universe and energy from those long passed. This reaches across all barriers, those you may have and those caused by a simple lack of knowledge.

So what does this exactly do? You only need to possess one. The knowledge and energy bounces to work with no matter what item you have. This also works if you have no items but need to meditate or even open your third eye. This works with ALL things occult and paranormal.

The Ars Vercanus magic is said to have been handed to the ancients by aliens. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I can see it as a possibility since many of them are telepathic, can change time or cause things to happen. It might not be a far stretch. What I do know is it works with all types of supernatural magic no matter how old, long lost or new.

This is an item that would benefit everyone because no one can know everything. This is especially great for those having problems with connecting or getting their magical talents off the ground and working.

These can be combined with anything!

Also a note on size. These are very small glass beads and can be strung along with some other things I’m adding. You can also just place it on an alter or little dish or wear it alone. That’s all up to you as long as you have it.

Ars Vercanus

SKU: 792228
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