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My sex therapist is a vampire! Listen up ladies and gentlemen, this is your time to shine! This ring is a doozy of a supernatural piece! When I had Anthony here…. I can’t tell you everything we did or what he said… that would be baaaad! Also for B he is still working on his masterpiece as he calls it for you. I can’t send it until I have it. This was done by him and I did NOT test it. So this is an untested item because I couldn’t trust giving it to a one of our people who test items. They would keep it, they have kept his items before. Which is on them because we let them go, bye! This enhances sexual performance which is something he’s really into, I think it’s all he thinks about. He actually sings this song it’s called Candy man I think? It goes something like this, who can create a rainbow and something, something, something but he changes the words! I can’t put it here! I will give you a little of what I can put here. Who can create an orgasm and make the world blow up, the Anthony can, yes the great Anthony can! It’s something like that! This works for both men and women but he picked a woman’s ring. You can put this in another form using a charging bag from supernaturalsupermarket. If you don’t see them just let me know because I do have them. Even ones out of stock and in the design you want, I probably have it. To use this lovely high energy organic blast is easy. Just wear it while or before doing your deed!

Anthony’s Dirty Deeds Done Cheap!

SKU: 32524010
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