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This has a DVD,Book and full deck of Angel reading cards. This has been specially cast for bringing forth your own personal warrior Angel that will stay with you. These warrior angels may appear male or female. I can’t tell you that. The set I did for myself when I first saw them I couldn’t tell. They appear at first in long white robes with wings and a sword. This is to not scare you. Mine stood about 9 feet tall. The one I got is called Azila. It was easy for me to remember because it sounds like Godzilla with but with a long vowel A. I can’t tell you what your angels name will be but it will probably be nothing you have heard of before. Not all warrior angels are mentioned in religious texts. This angel you get will take full guidance in your life but you make all the decisions. You are only guided. The cards will also define and change your path if needed. These are truly amazing!

Angelic Card Reading Kit

SKU: 1232301
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